'Culebra' Release today

23 June, 2014

After a bit of a wait, it's finally come out!

Matt Groom at Swoop has put together this two minute video giving an introduction.

"...the album has a reflective, meditative quality about it... very, very effective". - BBC Radio Scotland 'Classics Unwrapped'

“…the four pieces named after locations of family holidays in Scotland not only give his orchestrating skills a bigger platform but also represent a much broader range in Bigham’s writing. There is some distance here between the beauty of Glenfinglas, with its ascending figures reflecting the topography, and the meteorological variations of tone in Portsonachan, but fans of either place will surely recognise them.” - The Herald (largest circulation broadsheet in Scotland)

More reviews on their way, will post...

If you would like to buy a copy of 'Culebra', please would you consider placing the order this week? That way there is a chance we might squeeze into the Classical Specialist charts. Here are the links for buying online. Physical copies (click on link) from Presto or Amazon. Digital copies from iTunes UK or iTunes World Thanks for your support and please let me know what you think of it.