West Sussex Youth Orchestra/West Sussex Youth Choir/West Sussex Young VoicesTogether and ApartChichester CathedralJuly 2022
South Bank Sinfonia/Surrey schools Primary Robins choirThe Jumblies (setting of Edward Lear's poem for large chamber orchestra and children's choir)Grange Park Opera, West Horsley Place 29th June 2018
BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra (conductor Martyn Brabbins)Staffa (live performance with three large screens above orchestra)Usher Hall-Edinburgh Festival 70th Anniversary Celebration Concert27 August 2017
Royal Scottish National Orchestra (conductor Jean-Claude Picard)/Gerry Fox/Ned BighamStaffa (installation version)*National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh17-27 August 2017
Shoreham Community Choir (director Rebecca Askew)To The ValleySteep Parish Church, HampshireSunday 9th April 2017
Brodsky QuartetHeaven shall call her from this cloud of darknessPetworth Festival - Champs Hill and St Mary's Church25th and 29th July 2016
Chichester, Salisbury and Winchester Cathedral combined ChoirsMusic To HearChichester Cathedral 22nd July 2016
Bernardi Music GroupThe Rowan TreeShipley Arts Festival-St Nicolas Church Itchingfield22nd May 2016
West Sussex Massed Community ChoirsTo The ValleyBignor ParkOctober 2015
International Festival OrchestraGlenfinglasInternational Composers' Festival, St Mary in the Castle, HastingsSeptember 2015
CrazyBabyiPhone ImpromptuLondon Coliseum as part of John Cage MusicircusMarch 2012
Scottish EnsembleThe Nairne BalladsCentre for Creative Arts (Glasgow)/Crear Centre, KilberryOctober 2010/September 2011
Gerry Fox (audio/visual installation)Venice in VenicePalazzo dona della Rose (Venice Biennale)June-November 2009
Gerry Fox (audio/visual installation)Favela DescendingShoreditch 'Concrete and Glass' FestivalOctober 2008
Electroacoustic PieceOctarama*Institute of Contemporary Arts/MTV HQ "Crossover" showSeptember 1999/November 2005
CrazyBabyCell SymphonyBarbican as part of John Cage MusicircusJanuary 2004
Alexandra BibbyAll Day and NightPorchester HallOctober 2001
Solaris String QuartetInto my heart an air that killsSt. Lawrence Parish Church, Ludlow FestivalJune 2001
Camden Chamber OrchestraMarimbizationEmmanuel Church, West HampsteadMarch 2000
Solaris QuartetA European EducationChrist Church, Spitalfields FestivalJune 1999
Metropolitan Symphony OrchestraSolitudeSt. James's Church PiccadillyMay 1999
Lerato QuartetEscartefiguePLG Composers Symposium at the Queen Elizabeth HallJanuary 1999
Trinity College Chamber OrchestraWalk on the Wild Side (Lou Reed, arr. NB)Tour of France and UKJuly 1998
Members of London SinfoniettaClouds SuiteDartington HallAugust 1997
Goldsmith's Brass QuintetSouthwark HeritageSouthwark CathedralMay 1997
Anti AtlasFractals EPOcean BloemEP2023Artist/producer/writer
Raflo & Fina.4I'm Comin' HomeFruitstarsingle2022Artist/producer/writer
68 Beats, Raflo and Laura VaneCome AliveJuicysingle2022Artist/vocal producer/writer
Raflo & Fina.4Sunshine after the RainFruitstarsingle2022Artist/producer/writer
Anti AtlasSecretOcean Bloem single2022Artist/producer/writer
Anti AtlasWon't Give In Ocean Bloem single2022Artist/producer/writer
Anti AtlasSomewhere in the TreesOcean Bloemsingle2022Artist/producer/writer
Robbie Rivera, Raflo and RikettéDiving DeepJuicysingle2021Artist/vocal producer/writer
Robbie Rivera, Raflo and RikettéSun is ShiningJuicysingle2020Artist/vocal producer/writer
Raflo and RikettéTake Me to the LeftFruitstarsingle2020Artist/writer/producer
KB City, Raflo and RikettéWhat You NeedJuicysingle2020Artist/vocal producer/writer
Raflo and RikettéBe FreeFruitstardigital 2019Artist/writer/producer
Raflo and Laura VaneKeep Me UpFruitstardigital2019Artist/writer/producer
Raflo and Eli Wright Never BeforeFruitstardigital2019Artist/writer/producer
Raflo and RikettéGive It UpFruitstardigital2019Artist/writer/producer
Robbie RiveraFerociousJuicysingle2018vocal writer/producer
Royal Scottish National Orchestra (conductor: Jean-Claude Picard)Staffa *Arunaalbum2017Composer
Robbie Rivera Come Back To MeArmadasingle2016vocal writer/producer
Louis Botella ft Myss WordBlow The House DownAmbassade Recordssingle2015vocal writer/producer
Monsieur Zonzon feat. Junior JazzKissed By The SunAntilles Recordingssingle2015lyricist
Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra (conductor Gregory Rose), Scottish EnsembleCulebra*Arunaalbum2014Composer
Robbie RiveraJumpJuicy Music12" Single2013vocal writer/producer
Robbie RiveraI'm gonna get youJuicy Music12" Single2013Vocal producer
Robbie RiveraA Thousand MilesJuicy Music12" Single2012vocal writer/producer
Dennis SheperdNo Time to CryHigh Contrastalbum track2011vocal writer
First State ft Elliot JohnsSurround MeBlack Hole Recordingsalbum track2010vocal writer/producer
First State ft Elliot JohnsBreathe On MeBlack Hole Recordingssecond single and album track2010vocal writer/producer
Beltek feat. Justin Robertson We weren't born to die New State Recording single 2010vocal writer/producer
Robbie Rivera Take a Ride Black Hole Recordings album track 2009vocal writer/producer
Robbie Rivera ft Myss WordYou'll Never KnowBlack Hole Recordingsalbum track2009vocal writer/producer
UmekLift You UpPachasingle 2009vocal writer/producer
First StateYour own wayBlack Hole Recordings12" single2008vocal writer/producer
Robbie RiveraTill we meet againJuicy Musicalbum track2007vocal writer/producer
Robbie RiveraCome on HomeJuicy Musicalbum track2007vocal writer/producer
Robbie RiveraIn Too DeepJuicy Music12" single2007vocal writer/producer
Robbie RiveraSay you know meJuicy Musicalbum track2007vocal writer/producer
Robbie RiveraNew DirectionJuicy Musicalbum track2007vocal writer/producer
Anti AtlasBetween Voices*One Little Indianalbum2007artist/writer/producer
Anti AtlasBetween Two*One Little Indianalbum2007artist/writer/producer
Louie PadillaDo what you want toJuicy Musicsingle2007vocal writer/producer
K3Play to winBig Love Music12" single2007vocal writer/producer
Dave SpoonWon't do it againBig Love Music12" single2007vocal writer/producer
Paris Clubbin'Release MeArmada Music Benelux12" single2007vocal writer/producer
Mischa DanielsLove's gotta hold on meArmada Music Benelux12" single2007vocal writer/producer
Mischa DanielsAre you dreamin'?Armada Music Benelux12" single2007vocal writer/producer
Mischa DanielsTamba babyArmada Music Benelux12" single2006vocal writer/producer
Nerina Pallot3 tracksWarner/14th Floorstring arrangements for live performance2006arranger
VFMMy TimeVFM records12" single2006remixer
VFMPlay that Funky MusicVFM records12" single2006producer
Mischa DanielsOff My RockerArmada Music Benelux12" single2006vocal writer/producer
Mischa DanielsRun AwayArmada Music Benelux12" single2006vocal writer/producer
Morally BankruptAutomatic LoverVFM records12" single2006writer/producer
Chungo KHold meMash Records Sunshine EP12" EP2006artist/writer/producer
Curl TebbRock to the BeatMash Records Sunshine EP12" EP2006artist/writer/producer
Smo KeeYour Love's the RockMash Records Sunshine EP12" EP2006artist/writer/producer
2VibeTurn It UpMash Records Sunshine EP12" EP2006artist/writer/producer
SuperbassBreathe You InWhite label12" single2006vocal writer/producer
Paul HarrisFind Yourself a friendToolroom UK12" single2006vocal writer/producer
Nic ChagallWhat you needBe Yourself Music Holland12" single2006vocal writer/producer
Ernesto vs BastianAs the shadows roll inBe Yourself Music Holland12" single2006vocal writer/producer
Robbie RiveraReplay the NightJuicy Music12" single2006vocal writer/producer
2VibeFound YouProg City/Peppermint Jam12" single2005artist/writer/producer
George MichaelShapeshifters remixSony MusicDVD track2005keyboards
JaimyI'll Be ThereBe Yourself Music Holland12" single2005vocal writer/producer
Sunny SpelzRide Like the WindBaby Peaches12" single2005writer/producer
Marco V and Benjaminyour time is upBe Yourself Music Hollandalbum track2005vocal writer/producer
Marco V and BenjaminSecond BiteBe Yourself Music Hollandlead single from second album2005vocal writer/producer
Robbie RiveraSome kind of heavenIndep. labels in 3 territories12" single2005vocal writer/producer
Robbie RiveraFloat AwayUltra Records USsingle2005vocal writer/producer
Robbie RiveraOne Eye ShutIndep. labels in 8 territories12" single2005vocal writer/producer
Marco V and BenjaminStronger NowBe Yourself Music Holland12" single and album track2005vocal writer/producer
Cara DillonHigh TideRough Trade Recordslead single from second album2004writer
ShapeshiftersRemixIsland Records12" single2004keyboards
Jaimy feat MozezCut Me LooseID-T Records Holland12" single2004vocal writer/producer
Talla 2XLCThe Air that I BreatheTorpedo Records Gerrmany12" single2004vocal writer/producer
Sugar CaineSexy AlienSlopshop Records12" single2004vocal writer/producer
Robbie RiveraDo you want moreUltra Records USalbum and single2004vocal writer/producer
Robbie RiveraWhich way you going?Ultra Records USsingle2004vocal writer/producer
2Seconds (with Deli G)Be My Baby/Brown BabyHope Recordings12" Single2003artist/writer/producer
DPM feat ElyRunawaySFP12" single2003vocal writer/producer
Bootsy CollinsDance to the MusicEast West12" single2003remixer
SilvesterOne More Step to HeavenImpetuous/ Warner Music12" single2003vocal writer/producer
LucreziaFollow Your HeartAirplanesingle2003vocal writer
DB BoulevardHard FrequencyAirplanesingle2003vocal writer
EmpressLet's Get It OnID&T12" single2003vocal writer/producer
Sugar CaineAll the LoveSuperbunny recordings12" single2003vocal writer/producer
Smo KeeOnly LoveSuperstud Recordings12" single2003artist/writer/producer
Anti AtlasFuture Nostalgia*Nagashialbum2003artist/writer/producer
Robbie Rivera/KeylimeGirlfriendUltra Records US12" single2003vocal writer/producer
Robbie RiveraInsanityJuicy Music12" single2003vocal writer/producer
OutsizedCool BlueDeep Touchcompilation track2003vocal writer/producer
OutsizedHeaven SunsetDeep Touchcompilation track2003vocal writer/producer
Jean-Jacques SmoothieBurn BabylonEchoalbum track2003vocal writer/producer
SassotCould be a miracleBlanco y Negro Spain12" single2003vocal writer/producer
Smo KeeBe SomebodySuperstud Recordings12" single2003artist/writer/producer
KansasComing HomeCaptivating/ Warner Music12" single2003vocal writer/producer
SolicitousRider in the SkyCaptivating/ Warner Music12" single2003vocal writer/producer
Robbie RiveraHum MelodyJuicy Music/Blanco y Negro12" single2002vocal writer/producer
PureBroken WingsCaptivating/ Warner Music12" single2002producer
DajaeOne DayChampion12" single2002remixer
Peal OrchestraHeaven SunsetSoulGroove Records12" single2002vocal writer/producer
SubversionAlrightCaptivating/ Warner Music12" single2002artist/writer/producer
SeraqueWandering StarCaptivating/ Warner Music12" single2002vocal writer/producer
TricksterAll I WantFrenetic/ Warner Music12" single2002artist/writer/producer
KansasIslands in the RainCaptivating/ Warner Music12" single2002vocal writer/producer
2VibeTurn It UpIllustrious/Sony and Motivo (Italy)12" single2002artist/writer/producer
Smo KeeMisledBig Room/Skint12" single2002artist/writer/producer
TriggerhappyOnly LoveReverb12" single2001artist/writer/producer
KlusterI Feel LoveSFP/Stimulus12" single2001vocal writer/producer
Curly TopAix VibrationDubmissiontrack on compilation "More Bass than Space"2000artist/writer/producer
AmarOutside*Blanco y Negro/Warner Musicalbum 1999co-writer/producer
Wolf CardhunDon't StopMama Records12" single1996artist/writer/producer
RusharnNever...gonna give you upCode One12" single1996writer/producer
VybesIncYou're Mine2Koolsingle1996remixer
VybesIncThat's how it feels2Koolsingle1996remixer
AquatreqPutting Pictures Into Words2Kooltrack on compilation "Kool Revolution"1996artist/writer/producer
AquatreqSave All Your Smiles (instrumental)Black on Blacktrack on compilation 'Black to Basics'1996artist/writer/producer
AquatreqEastendHouse of Bloem/Contact Multimedia12" single1995artist/writer/producer
AquatreqWe Shall BeEC1 Recordstrack on compilation "Soul Messenger"1995artist/writer/producer
AquatreqSave All Your SmilesHouse of Bloem/Contact Multimedia12" single1995artist/writer/producer
AquatreqPutting Pictures Into WordsHouse of Bloem/Contact Multimedia12" single1995artist/writer/producer
D-InfluenceGood 4 WeEast West Americaalbum 1992artist/writer/producer
Nick KamenOh How HappyWEA Recordssingle1991drum programming
Damiano StarskiTry It AgainTy Records12" single1991artist/writer/producer
Luca RufussiTrilogyTy Records12" single1991artist/writer/producer
D-InfluenceI'm The OneAcid Jazz12" single1990artist/writer/producer
D-InfluenceThe Classic*Acid Jazz12" single1990artist/writer/producer